Candidate’s Testimonials

“EC2 provided me with wonderful interview opportunity in a company where I am currently working and constantly get support by my superiors in terms of planning and executing the work. Good Learning and support in terms of knowledge sharing. Friendly atmosphere. After one year also, they called to check how you am I feeling in the assigned company, hence this proves that it’s not just another consulting firm. A highly recommended place to search for a job. Thanks to EC2 Consulting Solutions.”

Ilyas Patel(Excellence IT)

“Unlike other consultancies, EC2 provides exactly what is promised. They not only work as an intermediary between your desired job and employers, but also take care of all the small details and requirements by both end. The major reason it stands out from other competitors is that they don’t ask for fees from candidates and provide all the details about the position – the candidate is applying for!”

Milan Padmani(Mindbox)

“How EC2 is passionate about their work is shown in their service! They take care of meticulous details such as calling for reminder before an interview where as other consultancies just send a SMS or mail and loses the opportunity of making real connection like them. They gave me step by step details of the whole recruitment procedure and tips to handle it which is not expected out of their rivals.”

Ajay Chauhan(Mindbox)

“It was my first encounter with a consulting firm in Surat and I would strongly recommend them as they provide qualitative work. They were informative and explained me the JD well. Due to them, my task of landing a perfect job became easy and without hassle. Overall, really satisfied with their service.”

Arup Mukherjee (Aureate Labs)

“They balance professionalism as well as provide a personal touch in their service by adopting amiable nature. I experienced good communication link from them and they provided all the information about the company and other details timely.”

Zinay Patel(Aureate Labs)

Client’s Testimonials

“We initiated with the recruitment service and having a fruitful experience, we extended our professional relations and assigned them to manage our core HR functions, which till date we’re really grateful for. During the tenure of almost 2 years, we expanded our team with skillful talent and consider them as our growth partner in our business.”

Inkey Solutions

“One of the best consultation teams we have worked with! From recruitment, payroll to employee engagement, they never miss a beat and are always there to answer our queries and provide intelligent insights. They are professional, well prepared, and a pleasure to associate with!”

Aureate Labs
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